The New York Pétanque Club (NYPC) was founded in early 2009 by a group of French and American players who, for the unconditional love of the game, tackled all barriers to create courts at Parade Ground, in beautiful Prospect Park, in Brooklyn.

As an affiliated club of the Federation of Pétanque USA(FPUSA), our club is dedicated to introducing this traditional game, as well as the values and culture that come along with it, to the public and educational institutions.

Not only will you learn how to play the game by taking lessons with experienced players, you will also be able to compete in pétanque tournaments not only at Parade Grounds, but also in Bryant Park, in New York City, all around the United States and around the world.

We plan to recruit younger players, to train them to become competitive players and hopefully help them represent the USA at the Junior World Championship of Pétanque.

We aim at having serious practice sessions through significant skilled exercises conducted by the more senior members of the club. The goal of these sessions is to perfect our game and become more competitive in tournaments. Practice sessions will be opened to all determined members. At the end of each session, a tournament will be held to apply the training of the day.

We welcome members of all genders as we would also be thrilled to help and train a team of women who would also represent the USA at the Women’s World Championship of Pétanque.  Most of all, we plan to have fun as our game’s first purpose… is to have fun!

With the help of Ricard and a few generous members, we have been able to build 16 fantastic pétanque courts at Parade Grounds, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn….waiting for you!  We will enthusiastically welcome new members on our courts to learn and play this fantastic game.