Hello NYPC Members and Friends,

As a reminder, Saturday August 8th will be the date of NYPC Picnic at Prospect Park.
I know that we have announced a “double tournament”, but for many reasons, we would like to change it to a Vauclusienne. This being said, if you plan to play in double or triple, we will still follow the 2015 rules where the players ranked in the top 16 cannot play together, in doubles or triples.
This should facilitate the tournament which, let’s keep in mind, is a “fun tournament” with prizes for the top 4 teams and the consolante as well.
So, form a team, or if you don’t have one, come on anyway, and you’ll find a partner on the spot….or play alone. I guarantee that we’ll find a way.
Also, as you know, Philippe Ménier will probably get up at 4:00 AM in order to prepare the delectable feast he offered last year already, and in two occasions!
So, we need you to register by next week Wednesday August 5th in order to prepare the exact number of meals.
Please email your registration to 3 sources:
Ernesto at ern@mac.com
Last change compared to last year, as you know, a participation of $20/player is requested, including the free registration for the tournament (normally $10/player) so, if you intend to come and play, but don’t intend to share our delicious meal, it will cost the same amount: $20. As a reminder, Philippe is generously donating the entire proceed to our club, and we will use some of the proceed as prize money! So, unless you have a strict diet, which we will understand, please contribute if you want to play. We have prepared a menu that respect every religions so everyone should be happy. See the menue here
If you want to bring a spouse/friend/relationship/dog/cat/bird to the Picnic, you can do so, and if they don’t play, their cost will be $10 per person. (Could be cheaper for the birds, as they “eat like a bird”!)
If you have any questions, please email me and I’ll try to answer your difficult questions!
Waiting to see ALL the LBNY and NYPC players at this feast on  Saturday August 8th.
Best regards,
What:  Vauclusienne
Entry Fee: $20 per player
Prizes: Money and Prizes!
When: Saturday August 8th 2015
Registration at 9:30AM Game stars at 10:00AM