For the fourth year in a row our club has been hosting a picnic where everyone brings a little food to share and enjoy a nice day of pétanque. Thanks to the 18 players that showed up we had a great time.

After playing two games in the morning we stopped to have lunch all together.  The panache melee allowed players to switch partners for each game until the playoff. The weather was perfect and here are the ones who did win points in the ranking


Xavier & Jospeh Vs. Emile & Yngve

Kaisa & Lucien Vs. Philippe & Bill


Emile and Yngve won against Philippe and Bill

IMG_0615IMG_0617 IMG_0619 IMG_0621



Chris & Steeve Vs. Pat & Baja

Morgan & Joel Vs Kate & Thierry


Chris and Steeve won against Morgan and Joel

Thanks to all for coming!