Dear NYPC Members & Friends,

We had the extraordinary opportunity to witness what is already an icon in this sport, the world champion Dylan Rocher, coming to New York thanks to massive efforts from members of our club, agreements with local authorities and international contacts and additional help from our sponsors.

First on the Friday August 24, 2012, Dylan established his personal and US record of shooting 97 boules out of 100 in less than 10 minutes in Bryant Park.

The following two days he participated and won with Lucie (girlfriend) the NYPC  Robert Pierre Challenge tournament in a thrilling finale against Xavier and Phillipe (NYPC) that ended late in the evening where players had to shoot in the dark.


Click on the youtube image below to watch the video!!!!!


Again thanks to the French magazine Boulisme we had an article dedicated to this wonderful experience! click on the image below to read the article bigger.