Dear Members,

Xavier Thibaud, Jean-Pierre Subrrenat and Dédé Lozano are currently participating to the 2012 Mondial La Marseillaise à Pétanque. They play under the New York Pétanque Club colors! I was just informed that they won their first 2 games and are on their way to play the 3 one. The weather is currently rainy. We wish them good luck!

Eric Bertin is also participating to the event with some locals friends under the New York Petanque Club colors too. We have no updates as of now but we wish his team good luck too!


Dear NYPC members and friends,

Our NYPC club has been well represented during the 2012 Mondial la Marseillaise à Pétanque with our President Jean-Pierre Subrenat, our sports Director Xavier Thibaud and our friend Dédé Lozano.

The team number 1280 representing both NYPC and USA had a great run competing for 2 days among the 4,416 teams registered this year.

Game 1: 1280 THIBAUD X. bat 3482 MONTANDON D. 13 – 10

Game 2: 1280 THIBAUD X. bat 3326 CURIMI P. 13 – 5

Game 3: 1280 THIBAUD X. bat 761 LAMBERT J. 13 – 7

Game 4: 1280 THIBAUD X. bat 3997 WINAUD J. 13 – 3

The team lost in the fifth game, finishing among the best 138 teams out of 4416, not bad uh! congrats to them!!!

Big up also to our member Eric Bertin who competed with some friends and won 2 games. 422. Fernandes José, Locatelli René, Bertin Eric, (77 Montigny Sur Loing)

Game 1: 422 FERNANDES J. bat 774 LUCAS L. 13 – 8

Game 2: 422 FERNANDES J. bat 3631 RIBOULET P. 13 – 9

Game 3 : 3303 BELMONTE S. bat 422 FERNANDES J. 13 – 7

This year once again the French channel France 3 has been doing a great job covering the best/biggest Pétanque tournament in the world.

-You can watch all the games covered for free at the link here =>

-You can also watch some bonus videos at the link here =>