We had our first tournament this past Sunday, under a very cold rain and a brisk wind that at times could have deflected the boules!! As a matter of fact it was the first time in the history of petanque that we combined a Petanque tournament and “synchronized swimming” at the same time!!!
As it was a Tete à Tete, after 3 games, we took the top 8 players and it became clear at this point that the losers became winners….as they could go under the “emergency tarp” (that Gilles ingeniously put together) and stay dry…while the poor “winners” had to go on an play!
In semi final, Emile Boujeke beat Xavier Thibaud, and Jean-Pierre Subrenat sent Eric Bertin under the tarp.
The final was a good game (as good as possible under these conditions) and saw the victory of Emile on JPS.
Thanks to the 16 players who braved the elements to join the fun at Prospect Park, you are all real troopers!

Next tournament on May 13th, a triplette select which hopefully wil not be under the same conditions!