On a cold and cloudy June 5th, 17 teams gathered for the first ever Vauclusienne style tournament held in the US.

Players had to choose how they wanted to compete; single with 6 boules,  doubles or triples. Weeks before this event takes place, some players were blabating that they would play alone with 6 boules. On the day of the event some changed their mind while a few braves decided to play alone. The difficulty playing single is that by the end of the day you are exhausted carrying all that weight.

5 players playing single qualified for the quarter finals. Ernesto, Emile, Charly, Steve and Tiana. The other 3 teams were doubles.

In the semi finals they were 2 single players left competing against each other. Emile defeated Ernesto 13-8 while Xavier and Thierry won 13- 3 against Pat and Damien.

Emile took off during the final, leading 11-1 within 40 min. Xavier and Thierry had a hard time pointing and shooting. All of sudden they started playing together and within 3 rounds (6-5-1) won 13-12. This want we call a great come back!

Feel free to check out pictures of the tournament in our gallery section.