We are pleased to bring you a brand new website for our 2011 season. Many changes have been made and we hope that you’ll like the new format.

We have added a Chat Room. This page will help you to talk with other players and find out if they can meet you a the courts a certain day at a certain time. This page is also for you to give your comments, ideas and suggestions about how to improve our club.

For the convenience of the ones who are totally fluent in English, there is now a “Translate” button, at the bottom of each page in the footer which will show the page in French (it’s sometimes, not the best French, but Google translation is still better than nothing!) or Spanish. Same for our Americans friends, as some articles will be written in French, and therefore, this device will translate the page in English.

On the right side of the Home page, News from France is a live feed from Boulistenaute. We encourage you to check it for international news about Pétanque.

The full program of Tournaments for the season is on its page, as well as tournaments from La Boule New Yorkaise, and some other notables tournaments.

And last but not least, the Player’s Ranking page will give you an update after each tournament….starting May 2nd.

You are all welcome to contribute news, pictures and stories to our website. Please email your stories or pictures to info@newyorkpetanque.com