Several nations participated to the tournament: France, Spain, Belgium, Canada but also St. Barth and some american states such as Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California Washington DC and of course, New York.


As soon as Friday afternoon, several teams met at the Paul Ricard/NYPC terrains for an intensive practice session. We saw the Spanish, New Yorkers who were in company of Dédé Lozano and one lone Californian!

Most of these players met later on at the Restaurant Flea Market where the drawing took place. The approved format was based on the World Pétanque Championship, which is 4 groups of 6 teams with 3 teams seeded in each group.


All the teams were present with a very high level roster, because we had the pleasure to see the skill of André Lozano, ex-French Champion and World Champion in 2000 with Belgium. We also saw Corporative French Champions: Rémi Galleau, Richard Trani and Christophe Fassetta, great players from Spain, Carlos Matta, Juan Guerrero, Diego Puerta Conejero and Claude Bezzat, and also our usual team from St Barth: Eric Chevalier and Carlos Natario. Our friends from Canada also came in force, with champions like Ludwig Vinches, Eric Turcotte, Michael Drouhin and the great champion: Maryse Bergeron. From New York, former US champions such as Richard “Ti” Meas and the new ones: Xavier Thibaud, Eric Bertin and Jean-Pierre Subrenat were also at the rendez-vous.

With an afternoon rich in emotion and a Ricard well deserved at the end, only 8 teams were in the competition for the next day. All the favorites were still there except two of the French champions, Richard and Christophe, Eric Bertin associated to Peter Crowley and our buddy’s from St Barth. Several teams met again for dinner that night at the restaurant Le P’Tit Paris, in Brooklyn.


Things started to get serious around 10:00 AM.  Left was two pools of 4 teams where the top 2 will be qualified.

Pool A
Jean-Pierre Subrenat (NYPC) and Rémy Galleau (France)

Ernesto Santos and Ti Mias (LBNY)

Eric Turcotte and Alain Gagnant (Canada)

Ludwig Vinches and Alex Bendi (Canada)

Pool B

Gilles Ray and Malek Hfaiedh (NYPC)

Emile Boujeke and Ibrahim Adiho (LBNY)

Xavier Thibaud (NYPC) and André Lozano (Belgique)

Carlos Matta and Juan Guerrero (Espagne)

Early in the afternoon, the semi final had the teams Subrenat-Galleau playing against Lozano-Thibaud.  The other semi final was Ludwig Vinches against Carlos Matta.

In the first semi final, to the general surprise, JP Subrenat’s team eliminated the one from Lozano with a very serious game, shooting as well as pointing. A logical victory on the score of 13 to 7.

In the second one, despite a no fault tournament until then, our Canadian friends had a bit of fatigue which helped the Spanish team to join JPS for the final, on a score of 13 – 2.

While Jeannot was taking a little nap, everyone met on the Carré d’Honneur to watch a final which seemed well balanced.  Because of an average level of play from the team Galleau-Subrenat, the Spanish didn’t let the occasion go away and took the title on the score of 13-8.

We would like to acknowledge the good and well deserving performance of our president and friend Jean-Pierre Subrenat.

The entire tournament was played with a very nice spirit despite the high level of competition.

The organizers did a very good job, especially Christophe Chambers and the « non-playing » referee, Yngve Bilsted. They both were excellent in all their decisions.

It was time for the rewards, around an aperitif offered by NYPC and its sponsor Ricard, represented by its “New York Ambassador”, Clémence Natta.

We were a bit disappointed with the number of teams because only 24 had registered but we have to realize that the price to come and play in New York (plane, hotel, meals and registration) is a real handicap.  But the quality and performance of all these players made us smile again. The FPUSA Sport Director, Ed Porto, noticed it was the first time in the history of pétanque in the USA that a tournament was at such high level and we are proud of this.

We would like to thank all the players and spectators for their presence and also all the members of NYPC for being there when needed and provide a no fault organization.

A special thanks to our buddy’s from Brooklyn who, despite the fact that they didn’t play, came to encourage their friends and help when it was time. It’s really appreciated.

Closing dinner was for a last time at the P’Tit Paris.

We hope to see all these players again next year but we are also expecting many more for the second edition, which will be at the same date.

And now, here are all the results:


Winners: Carlos Matta and Juan Guerrero

Finalists: Jean-Pierre Subrenat and Rémy Galleau

Consolante A

Winners: Richard Trani and Christophe Fassetta

Finalists: Maryse Bergeron and Marco Pellerin

Consolante B

Winners: Thierry Julliard and Ed Porto

Finalists: Eric Bertin and Peter Crowley

Shooting Competition

Charlie Kossi

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