Dears Pétanqueurs,

This past weekend Ricard Open Tournament was terrific!

More than 22 Triplettes showed up on Sunday May 2 under great summer weather.

The tournament went very smoothly all day; players were able to enjoy a fresh Ricard or glass of Rosé from Jerome Selection along with a delicious choice of sandwiches made by Restaurant Le P’tit Paris Bistro. We saw familiar faces as well as new faces, such as a Team from D’Artagnan, lead by our friend Ariane Daguin.

At the end of the day every single player went back home with a Ricard prize, our main sponsor.

The most talented players that day went home with a multitude of gifts from Ricard and Jerome Selection. So many that they had to carry them in a (Ricard) bag! Most of the Ricard products (such as glasses, bottle openers, thermo bags, etc…) are impossible to find in the USA therefore giving them a Priceless value!

Here is the Winners List;

Main Concours;

1) Lucien / Emile / Ibrahim (LBNY)
2) Xavier / Clémence / Bernard (NYPC)  Please note that Clémence is the Ricard Brand Ambassador! And it was her first pétanque tournament!
3) Charlie / Joseph / Tiana (LBNY)
4) Ernesto / Mo (replacing Jo Petro) / Patrick (LBNY)


1) Brad / Mike / Mark (LBNY)
2) Jeannot / Malek / Elizabeth (NYPC)
3) Freddy / Francois / Jerome (NYPC)
4) Francis / Jeff / Jacques (NYPC)

NYPC would like to thank you all for coming, especially players from LBNY and La Boule Larchmontaise (CT), our friends Supporters of Olympique de Marseille (OMNEWYORK) along with the main sponsors; Pernod Ricard USA, Jerome Selection, Restaurant Flea Market, Restaurant Robins des Bois and Le P’tit Paris Bistro.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon on The Paul Ricard Pétanque Courts in Brooklyn, starting with our Regional doubles on Saturday May 22nd, and the Regional Singles the next day. Gold medals are waiting for the winners!!

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