On a nice spring weather weekend members from Pétanque clubs of the North East region got together on the Boulodrome Paul Ricard to compete for the annual FPUSA Regional Doubles and Singles tournaments.

No matter the distance, players from Maine Boules Club, Le Mistral Pétanque Club, La Boule Larchmontaise, La Boule New Yorkaise and New York Pétanque Club were ready to roll up their sleeves and bring medals home.

Thanks to more than 60 people that showed up during these two days, we had a wonderful high-level pétanque competition time.

In the end, the New York Pétanque Club kept the Doubles and Singles Gold Medals home but new players had to wear them.

Here is the Prizes Recap

Saturday Doubles


1)  Jean Pierre Subrenat & Eric Bertin (NYPC) North East Regional Champions

2)  Xavier Thibaud & Gilles Ray (NYPC)

3)  Ernesto Santos & Ti (LBNY)


1)  Lorissa Rinehart & Mia Kanazawa (LBNY)

2)  Lucien Rakotojaona & Chris Artis (LBNY)

3)  Pierre Benjamin & Amadou Thiam (LBNY)

Sunday Single


1)  Malek Hfaiedh (NYPC) 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 1-5, 1-8, 2-8, 2-11, 2-13 North East Regional Champion

2)  Joseph Hassoune (LBNY)

3)  Thierry Reti (NYPC)


1)  Brad Mattes

2)  Phillipe Riand  (LMPC)

3)  Mike Guinosso

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