This year New York Pétanque Club hosted the annual Northeast Regional Singles & Doubles Tournaments on September 19 & 20. Although summer time seemed almost gone after a week of rain, wind and cold temperatures, we had fantastic weather on both Saturday and Sunday.

It all started on Saturday by the Singles. Twenty-one players had already pre-registered online and a few more came over. Some new players living around the area were willing to join the club and with the new rule allowing them to join the club and the FPUSA on the spot, they were able to compete in the tournament on the same day.

Players from 5 different Northeast clubs joined in for a chance to get the Gold medal.  From Boston, with Le Mistral and Boston Pétanque, Westchester with La Boule Larchmontaise, New York City with a large contingent of La Boule New Yorkaise, Brooklyn and of course members of  New York Pétanque Club.

After coffee, croissant and a reading of detailed FPUSA rules for the day, players started to play on the toughest pétanque courts ever built! Three games later, NYPC provided lunch for everyone before splitting the players between the 8th of final and a consolante for the morning casualties!

In the semi finals, Xavier Thibaud (NYPC) had a hard time against Gilles Ray (NYPC) but prevailed while Robert Dunn (LBNY) tried to resist to Phil Hemery (LBNY) but came just short.

In the final, the game started with a festival of carreaux from both players, and the ones who use the NYPC courts will agree that it is not by chance that you carreau boules on these grounds, it’s because of great skills. It was a real tough game but Xavier Thibaud finally won 13-10 and became Northeast Regional Single Champion.  Congratulations to Phil Hemery who put a great fight.

Score line:

2-0; 2-3; 3-3; 4-3; 6-3; 7-3; 7-6; 7-8; 10-8; 10-9; 10-10, 12-10; 13-10.

Gold Medal : Xavier Thibaud (NYPC)

Silver Medal: Philippe Hemery (LBNY)

Bronze Medal: Gilles Ray (NYPC) & Robert Dunn (LBNY)

In the consolante, Jean-Pierre Subrenat (NYPC) beat Lucien Rakotojaona (LBNY).

On Sunday, nineteen teams showed up for the Doubles. Again, we were very fortunate with the weather allowing us to spend another great pétanque day. The same clubs from the day before and more new members joined for the double competition. Some players had the good idea to invite friends with their children and (even) pets for the lunch break and at one point, The NYPC courts looked like a great multinational picnic ground! People were sharing food and drinks as a big family going on a picnic trip.

For the serious part of the day, Four games were played before qualifying the top 8 teams for the concours sending the other eleven teams in a consolante which became quite competitive.

Concours Quarter Finals:

Keita Bangaly (LBNY) – Emile Boujeke (LBNY) vs. Lorissa  (LBNY) – Lucien Rakotojaona (LBNY)    = Keita – Emile

Xavier Thibaud (NYPC) – Gilles Ray (NYPC) vs. Philippe Riand (Le Mistral) – Matt Beaudoin (Boston) = Xavier – Gilles

Thierry Julliard (NYPC) – Robert Dun (LBNY) vs.Pierrot  Benjamin (LBNY)- Joseph Hassoune (LBNY) = Pierrot – Jospeh

Joel Shifflet (NYPC) – Nick (NYPC) vs. Jean-Pierre Subrenat (NYPC) – Eric Bertin (NYPC) = JPS – Eric


Keita – Emile vs. Xavier – Gilles  = Xavier – Gilles

Pierrot – Joseph vs. JPS – Eric = JPS – Eric

Keita and Emile went on battling against Pierre and Joseph for the third place, and eventually won the bronze medal.

The finalist gave the numerous spectators a great show.

JPS and Eric started very strong, especially in the second hand were they scored five points. Team Xavier & Gilles seemed paralyzed by the great shooting and pointing from their opponents. But, as it was a long day, darkness fell upon the game.

Because of the poor lighting on the court where the final was played, both teams decided to move up where city lights could brighten things up for the players. At that time, Team JPS and Eric were leading 12 – 3.

Is it the change of terrain….The light? Or just a charge of adrenaline on Team Xavier and Gilles, but they suddenly woke up and took charge of the game. On the first hand “under new lights” Team Xavier scored 3 points. The round after, trying to beat Gilles’ point, JPS fell on an undesirable rock (the size of New Jersey) twice, finally got the point to which Xavier replied with a carreau. Eric tried unsuccessfully to get close to the little one, opening the door for Team Xavier to score 6 points and bring the score to 12-12.

On the final hand, on the hardest part of NYPC courts, Eric successfully shot the cochonet, but, because of such ground, didn’t get it out of the court and pushed it closer to JPS’ boule. Xavier shot it, Eric gained the point again and Xavier shot it one more time with his last boule (this man sometimes has ice in his veins!). Eric had the last boule of the game having to choose between pointing or shooting for the win. He finally chose to point because he did it successfully 5 minutes before. Unfortunately, he was short, allowing Team Xavier and Gilles to win the tournament and become the Northeast Regional Champions.

Congratulations to both teams for a great show and particularly to Team Xavier and Gilles for the comeback of the year!

Score line Final: 1-0; 1-5; 2-5; 2-6; 2-8; 3-8; 3-10; 3-12; 6-12, 12-12; 13-12.

Gold Medal: Xavier Thibaud (NYPC) and Gilles Ray (NYPC)

Silver Medal: Jean-Pierre Subrenat (NYPC) and Eric Bertin (NYPC)

Bronze Medal: Keita Bangaly (LBNY) and Emile Boujeke (LBNY)


Semi Final:

Marie Christine Ray (NYPC) – Simon Tham (LBNY) vs. Peter Crowley (Boston)- Jeannot Rupperti (NYPC) = Peter – Jeannot

Pierre Perrier (La Boule Larchmontaise) – Raphael Richard (LBL ) vs. Pierre Le Goff (LBNY) – Mike Devonshire (LBNY) = Pierre P. – Raphael R.


Peter Crowley – Jeannot Ruperti  vs. Pierre Perrier –  Raphael Richard = Peter – Jeannot

We had two great successful days of pétanque and we (NYPC) would like to thank you all for coming.

Thanks to:  FPUSA and Pétanque America for their help and guidance as well as all the players from the different clubs represented during these 2 days: La Boule New Yorkaise, Le Mistral Club, La Boule Larchmontaise, Boston Pétanque, Brooklyn Boule, Pit Stop and last but not least, players and new members from New York Pétanque Club.

A BIG and SPECIAL thank you to all our sponsors: Armagnacs from Chateau de Laubade, Wine Baron Francois, Wine Christophe Barca, Wine Jerome Selection, Restaurant Tout Va Bien, Restaurant Flea Market, Restaurant Robin des bois, and our main sponsor RICARD USA, represented that day by the charming New York region’s Ambassadrice: Clémence Natta.

Thierry Julliard, NYPC.


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