What a great start! More than 30 players showed up on Saturday, August 22, for our first tournament. Although the weather forecast was pretty bad, we had a hot and sunny day.

Everybody was anxious about the weather forecast for this important event. No matter what, we were determined to host our first tournament. Members of NYPC came early to clean the courts and be ready to welcome brave players. (Even Peter C. drove from Boston).

This carousel tournament was free to all and everybody knew that they will get back home with a prize. After the 3 morning games, 16 players qualified for the finals.

Jeannot & Francis vs Xavier & Duncan

JPS & Tracy vs Keita & Pierre B

Joseph Hass & Thierry J vs Eric B & Steve G

Peter Crowley & Joseph S vs Joel S & Mc Ray

Xavier & Duncan beat JPS & Tracy in semi, while Eric B & Steve G beat Peter Crowley & Joseph S. During the final both teams played well under a challenging court. Eric and Steve finally beat Xavier and Duncan.

Concerning the consolante:

Gilles & Pierre vs Wilfried & Jacky

Thiam & Mathieu vs Harveen & Christophe.

The final opposed Jacky’s team to Christophe’s. Christophe and Harveen won after almost an hour and half game.

This first tournament was successful, everybody went home with a good Bordeaux wine from Baron Francois . We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks again for coming!

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