Every year the biggest pétanque tournament in the United States takes place in Brooklyn during Bar-Tabac’s Bastille Day celebration. This year the New York Pétanque Club took over its organization with Bernard Decana

li owner of Robins des Bois.

9am Sunday July 12th, Smith Street is closed between Pacific and Wyckoff St. The Quadrozzi concrete company starts pouring tons of sand on the ground to set up pétanque courts where 80 triplettes teams where about to compete.

This major event gets bigger and bigger every year. Along with the pétanque tournament there is a skateboard competition and of course French food, drinks (mainly from our sponsor RICARD) and music. More than 10,000 people gathered to enjoy a successful celebration.

At the end of the day two NYPC teams were about to play in the final. Gilles Ray-Xavier Thibaud- Bernard Decanali against Jean-Pierre Subrenat- Jeannot Ruperti- Thierry Julliard. The game went on pretty tightly point by point for more than an hour. The score was 9-9 when Xavier shot the cochonet allowing his team to win the tournament for the second year in a row.

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