The New York Pétanque Club members headed to participate in the Mayflower tournament organized by our LabouleNY neighbors.  3 out of our 6 members stepped upon the podium!  Xavier Thibaud, Jeannot Ruperti and Jean Pierre Subrenat.  Forty seven players showed up on Memorial Day weekend to take a chance in this doubles carrousel tournament.  Players were paired randomly during the first 3 games. The 16 best individual ranked players jumped into the finals, again randomly drawn.  Xavier and Jeannot beat Jean Pierre and Dana in the semifinals. On the other court Steve and Ernesto beat Charles and Saul.  In the finals Ernesto and Jeannot were beaten 13-0 by Steve Ginsberg and Xavier Thibaud.  Next time, Gilles, Eric and Thierry will for sure, do better.

Podium :

1st : Steve Ginsberg, Xavier Thibaud

2nd: Ernesto Santos, Jeannot Ruperti

3rd: Jean-Pierre Subrenat, Dana Jackson, Charles Kossi, Saul Dingfelder


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